The Pastoral Life of the Parish 

The Pastoral activity of the Parish comprises the on-going aim of gathering together parishioners and of outreach to others, especially those in need.

Parish Pastoral Council
This is composed of parishioners, the Parish Priest, Deacon and Sr. Mary Anne. It meets once a Quarter to discuss issues within the Parish and Parish life in general. We are conducting an on-going De-Briefing and SWOT analysis.

Parish Finance Council
This is composed of the Parish Treasurer, parishioners, the Parish Priest and Deacon. It meets once every Quarter to examine the quarterly returns and any other financial issues. The Parish Treasurer is Chris Barrie. The Gift Aid coordinator is Pat Warnock. 

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
The Parish aims to be a safe haven for all. The safeguarding representative/coordinator of the Parish is Kate Gills.

Health and Safety
The Parish takes very seriously all issues concerned with Health and Safety. The coordinator is John Kelly.  

Altar Servers
There is a thriving group of Altar Servers. Chris Barrie trains and arranges the Rota for Altar Servers. If any boy or girl (post First Holy Communion) wishes to be an altar server would he/she please contact the Parish Office. 

Thursday Lunch Club
This is run on the first and third Thursdays of the month for Senior Citizens in conjunction with Holy Trinity C of E Church. The coordinators are Anna and Richard Brooke. The Food Standard Agency rating is the highest – 5.  

Mosaic Group
This group meets for discussion, prayer and other activities in each other’s homes. They also meet most Sunday evenings in the Hall after the 6.30PM Mass. The coordinator is Francesco. 

Justice and Peace Group 
There is an active Justice and Peace group in the Parish which helps with the local Food Bank and other wider projects. It meets every month. 

An active CAFOD group helps to raise awareness of specific projects abroad. Over the last year and a half (2016-2017) with CAFOD’s Connect2 project it has raised over £6,000 for a village water refinement project in Sebeya, Ethiopia.

Churches Together in Headington and Wheatley
Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Lourdes are in the respective Churches Together and we are involved in ecumenical activities. 

Youth Activities
These happen on an ad hoc basis with the help of the local Diocesan Youth Office.

International Events
Several times a year the Parish celebrates as an international family. This includes an International Mass week-end with lunch after the 11.00 AM Sunday Mass.